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The CIArb Pathways programme is a world-class framework of knowledge and skills needed in order to be proficient in the field of non-court dispute resolution. The entire programme covers four main disciplines: mediation, arbitration, international arbitration and adjudication, and from these the European Branch will offer courses in mediation and international arbitration.

The programme provides the ideal platform to underpin and support the development of professional experience in these disciplines. It also offers a tiered range of professional membership qualifications to provide public recognition for your level of expertise.

You will have the opportunity to gain an introduction certificate, advanced certificate or diploma in your chosen discipline. CIArb has three grades of membership qualification: Associate, Member and Fellow. You can achieve membership status by completing CIArb education and training courses through the Pathways programme, such as those now offered by the European Branch. The different grades of CIArb membership all have one thing in common – they carry with them international professional recognition, providing immediate credibility and enhanced reputation.

The Pathways Ladder
The Pathways programme provides a progressive educational ‘ladder’, starting from the level of a new-comer to the field right through to advanced levels of knowledge and skills. You can advance through the defined levels as you wish, depending on your career aims and the time available. The two specialist discipline pathways of mediation and international arbitration provided by the European Branch have been designed to match your specific career plans or desired areas of specialism. By choosing the CIArb Pathways programme, you will gain the expert know-how and recognition you need from the world’s leading professional body for dispute resolution.