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Introductory Course
The European Branch’s Introductory course in Mediation is designed for those who wish to learn more about mediation and its benefits to users, anyone new to the field of mediation that has not had legal training and who wants to gain an awareness of mediation. This course is also appropriate for those that are considering further study to develop their knowledge in the field of mediation and gain membership with the Institute. There are no entry requirements for this course.

The Mediation Introductory Course is of single day’s duration which provides an understanding of the general principles of mediation and incorporates a comparison of the main alternative dispute resolution processes – arbitration, mediation and adjudication.
The course is delivered by means of a series of lectures, discussion workshops and gives some candidates the opportunity of role playing. Candidates will be required to complete a series of pre-course questions and an assignment at the end of the course.
After the successful completion of the course, candidates will be issued with a certificate of completion and will be eligible to apply to be Associate members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Candidates will also be eligible for further training to Intermediate level under the Institute’s “Pathways to Fellowship” programme.

The cost of the Introductory course is € 500,-. The fee includes registration on the course, study materials, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.
Unless noted otherwise, the course language is English.
Advanced level Course
The Advanced level course in mediation comprises two Modules: Module 1 is a five day training course, while Module 2 is a two day assessment.

Module 1: Advanced level Training Course
This course is aimed at candidates who have successfully passed the Introductory Course and who wish to become an Accredited Mediator. The course is also suitable for those who wish to represent clients in mediation and to those whose wish to use mediation skills in their current profession.
The Advanced Course is delivered over at period of five full days of skill-based learning before assessment. The course syllabus offers practical hands-on training of the skills and techniques required to manage mediation from initial instruction to conclusion and will include:

  • The five phases of mediation
  • Working with feelings and emotion
  • Questioning techniques
  • Building rapport
  • Time-limited mediation
  • Multi-party mediation
  • Co-mediation and assistants
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Evaluation in mediation
  • Ethics and standards

To enable consolidation of learning and to optimise the chances of success in becoming an Accredited Mediator, days 1 to 3 of the course are held in the first week and days 4 and 5 are conducted in the subsequent week. The optional Module 2 is held shortly thereafter.
This course is open to all Associate Members of the Institute and it is intended for candidates who are new to the field of mediation and who have no legal training.
The training course fee is will be confirmed shortly and includes registration on the course, all study materials, lunch and refreshments during the training days as well as access to a wide range of information resources through the CIArb website.
Unless noted otherwise, the course language is English.
Module 2: Advanced level Assessment Course
Assessment at advanced level is carried out in Module 2, which comprises a separate two day programme. This enables consolidation of learning and it also optimises the chances of success in becoming an Accredited Mediator and a full member of the Institute.
The assessment programme builds on the five day training programme that candidates should have completed to get to this stage.
The assessment programme covers three important areas of mediation:

    • People skills, which addresses the relationship between the mediator and the mediation participants. Building a trusting relationship is essential for an effective mediator. Being competent in this category is mandatory in both role plays.
    • Process skills, which considers the Mediator’s ability to use the skills and techniques emphasised on the training course.
    • Management skills, which concerns the firm and tactical use of the process and skills. Competent mediators crate an environment that gives the parties the best opportunity of achieving a settlement.

Candidates are assessed in two mock mediations and will be assessed in each of the three categories identified above. To pass, candidates must be competent in People skills in both role plays and in Process skills and Management skills at least once in either of their role plays.
In order to register on the course, candidates must have completed the five day Module 1 Mediation training course. Upon registration, candidates will receive joining instructions and a course folder.
On successful completion of the assessment, candidates will be eligible to apply for Member grade of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and can also apply for Accredited Mediator status thereafter.
The assessment Module 2 fee will be confirmed shortly and includes registration on the course, all study materials, lunch and refreshments during the assessment days.
Unless noted otherwise, the assessment language is English.