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The European Branch is currently offering four types of courses: mediation and international arbitration at both introductory and advanced levels. In future we hope to add further courses at diploma and Fellowship level.

In offering the Introductory and Advanced level course, the European Branch is enabling those existing members who have previously passed the Introductory Course to move on towards full Membership and later to Fellowship of the Institute. In addition, the Europe-wide availability of both the Introductory and Advanced level courses will enable candidates to move through the process to reach full Membership within as short a time as possible.

By harmonising its timetabling of the Introductory and Advanced level courses, the European Branch makes it possible for candidates to reach full Membership of the Institute within a period of 12 months overall.
The training courses that are now being offered by the European Branch follow the routes that are already successfully established in the UK, the Middle East, North America and Hong Kong.

The complete “Pathways to Fellowship” programme is available here and for further specific information on the courses offered by the European Branch, click on the links below:

Mediation Courses

International Arbitration Courses